Fall AEthelmearc AEcademy, Myrkfaelinn (Nov AS53)

Lessons from two Helium hand service junkies – Being an SCA Officer 101, Baroness Nest ferch Rys, OP & Kelda ferch Ystwyth
Brand new to being a Society officer? Experience officer frustration with the challenges of your volunteer job? Leading volunteers is both an art and a science. This interactive class combines Society-specific info with best-practice non-profit volunteer management tools and tactics.

College of Three Ravens, Thescorre (Feb AS53)

Deeds of Service Classes:
So Now You Are an Officer – Getting Started and Staying Sane 101, Baroness Nest verch Rys, OP
You raised your hand and said yes! Now what do you do? Geared for those new to serving as an officer of any type: administrative, martial, arts/science, other.

Upping Your Officer “Game”: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from a Couple of Helium-Hand Baronesses, Baroness Nest verch Rys, OP & Baroness Kelda ferch Yystwyth
Wish to “take your game” to the next level? Want to be a better officer? Frustrated with one or more elements of doing your job well?  Come listen, share, and learn ways to encourage volunteering, increase communication, and manage challenges within your group/community. 

More Than a Cookie – Removing the Stigma of Service Awards – A Round Table Discussion, Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, OP
On the Service Path and had someone look at your non-red belt and say, “You’re just in this for the cookie” or dismiss you as “only a service-junkie?” Frustrated by “check-list” mentalities? Believe that “service is love” and yet still wish someone would recognize your accomplishments? This round-table discussion and community-building session will be coached by supportive, encouraging Pelicans and others who have had their service formally recognized by the Crown. 

Defining Skill Sets and Core Competencies for SCA Volunteers – A Round Table Discussion, Baroness Kelda ferch Yystwyth
Modern work force competencies include Managing Change, Developing Others, and Technical Expertise, just to name a few. Facilitator is modernly a non-profit professional. This class launches what she hopes will become a think tank to define, explore, encourage, and coach professional competencies for SCA officers and other volunteers.

Writing Your SCA Resume/ Translating SCA Lingo on Modern Resumes – A Round Table Discussion, Nest, Ekat, & Kelda
These two separate ½ hour Round Table Discussions will provide direction and offer opportunity for questions and input. If you have a sample, please bring it with you. Questions and sticking points are welcomed – bring those, too!

Connecting Our Community: Officer Meet, Greet, and Support Session
Feel alone? Wondering who your officer counterpart is in another group? All current, past, and potential local, regional, and kingdom officers, regardless of track attendance earlier in the day, are welcome. (Bring SCA business cards if you have them. Speed dating session can be conducted if desired.)

Spring AEthelmearc AEcademy and War College, Rhyderrich Hael (June AS54)

Meet the Kingdom Officers Q&A Panel – Hosted by Mistress Jenna MacPherson of Lions Tower
This is an open to all opportunity to meet the Kingdom Social Media Officer, the Kingdom Webminister, and the Kingdom Youth Officer. These are 3 offices that are extremely relevant in out Society at this time and 3 of the least understood types of policies. Come and ask those who know the answers.


AE-Service Track Open Discussion – Hosted by Mistress Jenna MacPherson of Lions Tower
Open to all round table discussion regarding all things Service related. Come share your successes and your difficulties in service related areas. Some topics may included event planning, new officers, encouraging volunteerism, inter personal and group dynamics and anything else you have questions or information about.


Event Stewardship:101 – Mistress Nest ferch Rys & Noble Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd
Event Stewardship is actually easier than you might think, it just requires a bit of preplanning and some organization. Join us for a roundtable discussion on planning and running events both large and small, how to handle details, and dealing with the unexpected.


One Big Happy Family – Conflict Resolution in the SCA – Mistress Cori Gora
Basic Introduction to Conflict Resolution and the interplay of CR techniques and the Society for Creative Anachronism.


Non-traditional Service – Baroness Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon
Not everyone has the time, ability or desire to take on the role of officer, key event staff or special project coordinator. Come and participate in a discussion of new and different ways to volunteer or how to use the time & talent of those who want to be of assistance but have barriers that prevent them from participating in more traditional ways


Computer Tips and Tricks – Baroness Amalie Reinhardt
ÆLeads class on computer tips & tricks. How can Baroness Amalie help you be better at using your computer for SCA and mundane life? You can send her questions at before the course to help guide what will be taught.